Stunning by day, magical by night

Creating our starlit pool floors led us on to crafting our own tiles for use in the pools we’re building or renovating. Installing our lighting system is a very specific technique and involves handling optical fibres and tiles at the same time. We always do this ourselves; we would never subcontract it.
Over the years, we’ve worked with many types of tiles including natural stone, glazed, ceramic, and pâte de verre fired glass.
The smaller the tile, the easier it is to install large numbers of our fibre optic lights, which is why we very often use pâte de verre glass mosaic tiles. It’s the ideal format for carrying the fibre optic system, and offers an infinite range of shades and patterns.

When we give you a quote for installing our lighting system, it always includes tiling. The type of tiling is chosen by you, the customer, with our support.



Natural stone, glazed tiles or pure glass

We can lay all kinds of tiles. For our customers, the most difficult step is often to choose just one style from the endless possibilities on offer; these include natural stone, ceramic, Emaux de Briare or glass mosaic finishes.

The style of tiles you choose, whether they have a gloss or matt finish, and their size, are crucial in determining the look of your finished pool. The pool should look good at all hours of the day, and integrate seamlessly into its environment. We can advise you on the choice of materials and colours so that your pool looks exactly as you imagined it would.

Coping around the pool is increasingly being replaced by paving or decking leading seamlessly down to the water’s edge. The current trend is also for larger pavers, and for the use of natural stone.
Our years of tiling experience means we know how to choose the best materials, whether it be tiles, adhesive or grouting, and our technical expertise ensures your tiling is not only durable, but retains its good looks for longer.

Carrelage piscine
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What type of tiling can I use with fibre optic lighting? Any kind of tile can be used, but some are trickier to lay than others. If the tiles are large with narrow joints or even none at all, we would need to drill holes in the tile for the light cables to show through. This is precise, painstaking work and takes time. The smaller the tiles – glass or glazed mosaic tiles for example – the easier it is to expose the lights. We primarily lay this kind of smaller tile. Can you lay tiles without incorporating fibre optics? Yes, we have years of tile-laying experience: it has become one of our specialities. We can lay tiles on all sorts of surfaces including outside the pool, and tiles without embedded lighting. We can also lay coping and swimming pool surrounds. Do you subcontract to other tilers? No. To ensure a professional, long-lasting result, we like to be in charge of the process end-to-end, right up to the finished product. We prefer to do all our tiling ourselves.
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