Fibre optic lighting for your swimming pool

Picture a swimming pool as beautiful at sunrise as it is a sunset, its surface shimmering in perfect harmony with the sky. As darkness falls, imagine it lighting up with hundreds of tiny lights, as if the stars had fallen from the heavens. Pure magic. But it’s a dream we at Pool & Light can help you achieve with our fibre-optic lighting system.

The lights are undetectable by day, but come into their own as night falls, turning your pool and the surrounding landscape into a symphony of light and magic. Are you looking for someone to help you remodel your swimming pool in Nice? Contact us today! Our lights come in a range of sizes and colours, and can be positioned on the pool floor, along the walls, on the steps of your pool, or even spill over onto the perimeter. Unleash your imagination – and let us do the rest!

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Fibre optic lighting incorporated into the pool structure

Optical fibres are ultra-fine strands of glass or plastic which can conduct light and/or carry data. For lighting applications, the strands are plastic, and come in varying thicknesses. The length of the strand makes little difference: fibres can be up to 25 metres long. Light is produced at the source by a generator, and transmitted along the fibre; if the fibre is encased in a transparent sleeve, this light is visible along its entire length. If the sleeve is opaque, the light is visible only at the end of the cable.

We specialise in integrating fibre optics into the structure of a swimming pool. It’s a very precise, very technically advanced system which has taken us years to perfect. Cables are pre-fitted into the pool structure, their ends emerging between the tiles lining the pool. These ends are undetectable by day, but light up the water as darkness falls.  Nothing makes a pool look quite as special as a sea of lights twinkling from its base: the starlight effect is nothing short of magical. We also offer a ‘neon’ version, where the fibre in its clear plastic sheath is fixed underneath the coping to emphasise its lines, used as part of the surrounding poolscape, or even submerged in the water. Fibre optic cables carry no electrical current and pose no danger.



How our fibre optic lighting works

Fibre-optic cables are embedded in the pool’s concrete structure. Quality is paramount, so we choose our suppliers carefully. Light generators and cables are specially selected to be both robust and reliable.

Fibre optic applications

We are best known for our starlight effect lighting systems installed on swimming pool floors, but we can also design creative lighting schemes for ceilings, either above your indoor pool or in other spaces in your home. We can also light the decking, tiles or other flooring surrounding your swimming pool.



Other useful facts about our lighting systems

Yes, as long as the pool is made of concrete. The process involves laying a new floor with the fibre-optic cables embedded in it. This new floor, including tiles, will measure some 7 cm, so the pool volume will be slightly reduced.

Unfortunately, fibre-optic floor lighting is not compatible with liner-only pools, as holes would have to be cut for the lights to be visible – which is definitely not recommended. But fibre optics can be used to good effect under the coping, or on the paving around the perimeter.

Yes, it is possible to embed the cables in concrete and finish with a resin for other suitable coating. However, we strongly recommend you consider tiling the pool, as this is the most robust and long-lasting way to protect your fibre-optic cables.

The lighting system is embedded in concrete, and tiled over. The light generator can be replaced easily, while the tiles should only need re-grouting every 20 to 25 years if you use a good epoxy grout, as we do.

Our fibre-optic lighting system is extremely energy-efficient, and is connected to a generator with a long-life LED bulb.

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